crashing the boys weekend

This weekend my husband met his three oldest friends at our family ranch for a long overdue ‘hunging trip’. I use the air quotes because they are really hunding cheap whisky and waaaaay too much red meat. Now, since it has been years since I’ve seen these guys, I wanted to make an appearance and catch up a bit too. Friday night, I put my kiddos to bed in the ranch house and crashed thier all boys campfire. I sipped on some whiskey of my own and shot the bull till after 2 am. Then I cooked them a big breakfast in the big house the next morning.


The topic of discussion is whether or not this was uncool. I would not think so. The guys seemed genuintly happy for me to be there (especially my husban) although I think they cleaned up the topic quite a bit… My mother says that I should give Blake mores space and find something of my own to do.

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