Porcupines are not mythical creatures…

We have a three-year old Britney named Bella who has gone from unruly and mischievous to loving and obedient… usually. We love to take her out to the ranch because she runs like a gazelle. It is wondrously beautiful. Dad has a Polaris ranger for driving around that Bella likes to race. Every weekend that we stay concludes with a long bath and even longer doctoring period where I pull out cactus needles with tweezers….. sigh.. This past weekend, when Blake was out with his friends exploring some caves, Bella stuck her head into a hole and came out with a nose full of porcupine quills. We didn’t even think there were porcupines that far east, but apparently there are… it is just uncommon… and unlucky for my poor, sweet baby Bella.

bella with porcupine quille

Want a little more info on the very prickly porcupine? Check out the following link, don’t try to stick you nose in a hole.

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