Call Me Madame Bovary

Do you subconsciously emulate characters in the book you are read?

Madame Bovary: I was the most ungrateful, unsatisfied wife ever.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close: I was protective and overly analytical with my children. Poor Blake didn’t exist.

50 Shades of Grey: I probably don’t have to spell that one out for you, but it was really a problem. I seriously thought Blake wasn’t hot for me anymore because he didn’t seem to feel any electric charge when we were near one another. I mean, how could he still want me and keep playing a computer game when I sit on his lap in a t-shirt and panties…. You get my point.

Great news: I’m not a psychopath 🙂 There is actual psychological research on the subject.

The problem I have now is picking my next read. I mean, marriage is tough enough when I’m sane.

An interesting projection: can I plant books in my tween’s hands that chronicle the adventures, struggles, and accomplishments of heroines of substance? Girls who forge their own path, meet challenges head on. Girls that fearlessly shed their fears of ridicule to do the right thing. Nancy Drew?

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