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The adventurous parent matures into the cautious grandparent

There is a creek that runs through my granddad’s farm where we learned to swim. My dad swam there himself as a child. My memories of swimming there with my brothers are priceless. I mentioned taking my kids down there … Continue reading

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Call Me Madame Bovary

Do you subconsciously emulate characters in the book you are read? Madame Bovary: I was the most ungrateful, unsatisfied wife ever. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close: I was protective and overly analytical with my children. Poor Blake didn’t exist. 50 … Continue reading

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Life lessons in responsibility – a guinea pig

We had a guinea pig named Brownie for about six months last year. We got the little creature against my better judgement, but Grace (my ten-year old) really earned it. Her school work was great and helped out around the … Continue reading

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Porcupines are not mythical creatures…

We have a three-year old Britney named Bella who has gone from unruly and mischievous to loving and obedient… usually. We love to take her out to the ranch because she runs like a gazelle. It is wondrously beautiful. Dad … Continue reading

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crashing the boys weekend

This weekend my husband met his three oldest friends at our family ranch for a long overdue ‘hunging trip’. I use the air quotes because they are really hunding cheap whisky and waaaaay too much red meat. Now, since it … Continue reading

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